Lifepo4 Battery 18650

Lifepo4 18650 means a space in a cup, tank or other container or composite container containing an electrolyte solution and a metal electrode to generate electrical current, a device capable of converting chemical energy into electrical energy. It has a positive electrode and a negative electrode. As technology advances, batteries are broadly referred to as small devices that generate electrical energy, such as solar cells. The performance parameters of the battery mainly include electromotive force, capacity, specific energy and resistance. By using the battery as an energy source, it is possible to obtain a current having a stable voltage, a stable current, a stable power supply for a long time, and little influence from the outside, and lifepo4 battery 18650 has a simple structure, which is convenient to carry, and easy to operate in charge and discharge, and is free from external climate and temperature. The impact, stable and reliable performance of lifepo4 battery 18650 play a big role in all aspects of modern social life.

Different batteries have their own characteristics, and the user must charge according to the method indicated by the manufacturer's instructions. In the standby state, the phone also consumes batteries. If you want to charge quickly, you should turn off the phone or remove 18650 cells bulk to charge it.

Some automated smart quick chargers only indicate that they are 90% full when the indicator signals change. The charger will automatically switch to slow charging to fully charge the battery. It is best for the user to fully charge the battery before use. Otherwise, it will shorten the usage time.

If 18650 cells bulk is a nickel-cadmium battery, it will not be completely charged or discharged for a long time, which will leave marks in the battery and reduce the battery capacity. This phenomenon is called the battery memory effect.

Eliminate memory is to completely discharge 18650 cells bulk and then refill it. The discharge can be performed by a discharger or a charger with a discharge function, or by using a standby mode of the mobile phone. If the discharge is to be accelerated, the illumination of the display screen and the telephone button can be turned on. To ensure that the battery can be refilled, follow the instructions in the instructions to control the time and repeat charging and discharging two or three times.

Lithium 18650 cells bulk can be stored in a clean, dry and ventilated room with an ambient temperature of -5 °C - 35 °C and relative humidity of not more than 75%. Avoid contact with corrosive substances and keep away from fire and heat sources. Battery power is maintained at 30% to 50% of nominal capacity. The recommended storage battery is charged every 6 months.

When choosing a satisfying battery, 18650 cells bulk with “National Exemption” and “China Famous Brand” logos and local brand-name battery products are recommended. The quality of these products is guaranteed.

According to the requirements of the electrical appliance, select the applicable battery type and size, and purchase the battery suitable for the electrical appliance according to the size and characteristics of the electrical power consumption and don't forget to pay attention to check the battery production date and shelf life.


Using tips of 18650 cells bulk

The electromotive force is generated by the difference between the equilibrium electrode potentials of the two electrodes. Taking a lead-acid battery as an example, E=Ф+0-Ф-0+RT/F*In(αH2SO4/αH2O).

As can be seen from the above formula, the standard electromotive force of the lead-acid lifepo4 battery 18650 is 1.690-(-0.0.356)=2.046V, so the nominal voltage of the battery is 2V. The electromotive force of a lead-acid battery is related to temperature and sulfuric acid concentration.

Under the conditions specified by the design, such as temperature, discharge rate, termination voltage, etc., the minimum capacity that lifepo4 battery 18650 should be able to discharge, in amps per hour, is indicated by the symbol C. The capacity is greatly affected by the discharge rate, so the discharge rate is often indicated by Arabic numerals in the lower right corner of the letter C, such as C20 = 50, indicating a capacity of 50 amps per hour at a 20 o'clock rate. The theoretical capacity of lifepo4 18650 can be accurately determined from the amount of the active electrode material in the battery reaction formula and the electrochemical equivalent of the active material calculated according to Faraday's law. Due to the side reactions that may occur in the battery and the special needs of the design, the actual capacity of the battery is often lower than the theoretical capacity.

The typical operating voltage of lifepo4 18650 at room temperature, otherwise known as the nominal voltage, is a reference when using different types of batteries. The actual operating voltage of the battery is equal to the difference between the balanced electrode potentials of the positive and negative electrodes with different usage conditions. It is only related to the type of electrode active material, regardless of the amount of active substance. The battery voltage is essentially a DC voltage, but under certain special conditions, the phase change of the metal crystal or some phase-forming film caused by the electrode reaction causes a slight fluctuation of the voltage. This phenomenon is called noise. The amplitude of the fluctuation is small but the frequency range is very wide, so it can be distinguished from the self-excited noise in the circuit.

The terminal voltage of 18650 cells bulk in the open state is called the open-circuit voltage


The open-circuit voltage of the battery is equal to the difference between the positive electrode potential of the battery and the electrode potential of the negative electrode when the battery is open, ie, when no current flows through the two poles. The open-circuit voltage of the battery is expressed by V, that is, V on = Ф + - Ф -, where Ф +, Ф - are the positive and negative electrode potentials of the battery, respectively. The open-circuit voltage of a battery is generally less than its electromotive force. This is because the electrode potential established by the two poles of the battery in the electrolyte solution is usually not the equilibrium electrode potential but the stable electrode potential. Generally, it can be approximated that the open-circuit voltage of the battery is the electromotive force of the battery.

The internal resistance of 18650 cells bulk refers to the resistance that the current is subjected to when passing through the inside of the battery. It includes ohmic internal resistance and polarization of internal resistance, and polarization internal resistance includes electrochemical polarization internal resistance and concentration polarization internal resistance. Due to the internal resistance, the operating voltage of the battery is always less than the electromotive force or open-circuit voltage of the battery. The internal resistance of the battery is not constant and changes over time for the larger during charging and discharging because the composition of the active material, the concentration and temperature of the electrolyte are constantly changing. The ohmic internal resistance follows Ohm's law, and the polarization of internal resistance increases with increasing current density, but is not linear. It often increases as the current density increases.

Internal resistance is an important indicator to determine the performance of 18650 cells bulk. It directly affects the operating voltage, operating current, output energy and power of the battery. For the battery, the smaller the internal resistance, the better.

18650 cells bulk also has a large electrode-electrolyte interface area, so the battery can be equivalent to a series circuit of a large capacitance and a small resistance and inductance. However, the actual situation is much more complicated, especially the impedance of the battery varies with time and DC level, and the measured impedance is only valid for a specific measurement state.



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