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We will consider many factors when choosing a sweeping robot, such as brand, price, after-sales, sweeping algorithm and battery. Why should batteries be considered when choosing a sweeping robot? Because the battery is the power source of the sweeper, its quality directly affects the sweeper's endurance and service life. Battery is a very important indicator of sweeping robot. How long a sweeping robot can work at a time and how large the sweeping area is are all related to the quality and capacity of batteries. And the cost of different batteries is several times different, so we should choose more efficient and environmentally friendly batteries to buy sweepers at the same price. Now, please follow me to find out what batteries are good for the sweeping robot. Which is better, nickel-hydrogen battery or lithium battery?

Battery Types of Sweeping Robot

1. Nickel-hydrogen batteries
Ni-MH batteries are synthesized from hydrogen ions and metal nickel. Their energy reserves are 30% more than those of Ni-Cd batteries. They are lighter than Ni-Cd batteries and have longer service life. They are environmentally friendly and have no memory effect. The disadvantage of nickel-hydrogen batteries is that nickel-cadmium batteries are much more expensive and have worse performance than lithium batteries.

2. Lithium batteries
Lithium battery is a kind of battery invented by Edison, which uses lithium metal or lithium alloy as anode material and uses non-aqueous electrolyte solution. The reaction equation used in the battery is Li+MnO 2=LiMnO 2. The reaction is redox reaction and discharge. In the past, lithium batteries have not been used for a long time because of their active chemical properties, high environmental requirements for processing, preservation and use. With the development of modern science, lithium batteries have become the mainstream.

The Difference between Ni-MH Battery and Lithium Battery

1. Different volumes
Rechargeable lithium batteries are widely used in many new mobile devices because of their small size (relative), light weight, low self-discharge rate and no memory effect compared with ordinary nickel-cadmium/nickel-hydrogen batteries. The batteries of mobile phones, laptops, PDAs and other mobile devices that we usually use have gradually been replaced by lithium batteries. The memory effect of nickel-hydrogen batteries is not very obvious. One thing is that when it is in urgent need, it is not necessary to recharge after fully discharge. Usually, the best way to use it is to recharge after fully discharge.

2. Battery capacity is different
Lithium batteries have large specific energy and they are compact ; the voltage of a single lithium battery is three times as high as that of a nickel-hydrogen battery; they have no memory effect and can be charged as needed. But it can not be charged at once, so too many times of charging and discharging will affect the life of the battery. Lithium batteries are not suitable for long-term storage, and will lose part of their capacity permanently over a long period of time. It is best to charge 40% and store it in the refrigerator freezer.

3. Different charging methods
The charging requirements of lithium batteries are different from those of nickel-cadmium/nickel-hydrogen batteries. The unit voltage of rechargeable lithium batteries is 3.6V (some batteries may be labeled 3.7V). The voltage of lithium-ion batteries will increase slowly with the charging capacity, which is also a sign to judge whether lithium-ion batteries are full or not. Generally, manufacturers recommend that the stop charging voltage be 4.2V (the case of a single lithium-ion battery). The charging method of lithium batteries is generally voltage-limiting and current-limiting. If a person wants to charge lithium batteries independently, he should pay attention to its charging method, which is different from the constant-current charging method used in nickel-cadmium/nickel-hydrogen batteries, and can not use the charger of ordinary nickel-cadmium/nickel-hydrogen batteries.

Which kind of battery is the best choice for the sweeping robot?

Knowing the difference between nickel-hydrogen batteries and lithium batteries, how do we choose batteries for sweeping robots? Batteries are so important, so how do we choose batteries? If you want to last for a long time, then the battery capacity is large. Many manufacturers boast that the intelligent sweeper works for 120 minutes, cleaning more than 150 square meters at a time, but the actual battery capacity is only 1800 mA. These are not the reference standards. When choosing the sweeper robot, the battery capacity should be consulted. In practical work, the working time of 1000 mA electric power robot is about 40-50 minutes, and the battery capacity of the mainstream machines on the market is between 2000 mA and 3000 mA.

The quality of batteries is also very critical. In order to save cost, some brands of robots use batteries in miscellaneous small factories, which not only have short service life, but also have no guarantee of safety and stability. At present, lithium batteries seem to be better than nickel-hydrogen batteries, but why do some mainstream sweeping robot brands such as irobot, Proscenic and Neato still do not use lithium batteries? Because the dust collector motor of the sweeping robot works with high frequency and efficiency, the lithium battery is very easy to bulge and deform under the long-term high frequency and efficiency, which greatly shortens the service life. Lithium batteries with small size and large capacity are widely used in electronic and digital products, but lithium batteries are seldom used in household appliances. This is also the reason why Ni-MH batteries have been used consistently. When choosing a robot, we must choose the right machine. We can't blindly trust the commercial propaganda.

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