Energy storage Battery

12V lithium battery for energy storage

The 12V lithium battery is connected in series with three or four lithium batteries. The combined battery pack, whose capacity is determined by the capacity of a single cell or the capacity of batteries connected in parallel, is a new type of battery with safety and environmental protection.

12V batteries: According to material classification, can be divided into: 12V lithium battery, 12V lead-acid battery, 12V nickel-hydrogen nickel-cadmium battery, 12V alkaline battery. 12 lithium batteries are composed of three 3.7V lithium batteries in series. The voltage of a single lithium batteries is 4.2V after being fully charged. Generally, it is also called 4V. The voltage of the series batteries adds up, which is 4V/battery*3 =12V, which is what we call 12V lithium batteries.

Battery capacity: There is no standard capacity, which is determined according to the specific requirements of electrical appliances or equipment. The general capacity is 2200ma/h, 5AH, 10Ah. Some electric vehicles can reach 20AH or 50AH. The more batteries are connected in parallel, the larger the capacity.

Volume: Volume of 12V lithium battery, according to the capacity of the battery to determine, there is no uniform specification. The larger the battery capacity, the larger the volume.

Weight: Now many devices need large capacity, lighter weight lithium batteries, such as electric vehicles, which used to be lead-acid batteries, but now many electric vehicles have become lithium batteries, because lithium batteries have large capacity, light weight and small size.

Charging and discharging current: The charging and discharging current of lithium batteries is determined according to the power of the equipment. The formula of electric power is P=UI. On the basis of constant voltage, the greater the power of the equipment, the greater the current needed to be output.

12V Lithium Battery application: Electric Vehicle, Home Intelligence, Power Tools, Laptop, Mobile DVD, UPS, LED, GPS, Medical Equipment, etc.

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