Study on Performance of Low Temperature Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery at -40℃

Lithium iron phosphate battery has only 50-60% of normal temperature performance at minus 20 degrees Celsius, and only 30-40% below minus 40 degrees. Taking lithium iron phosphate battery as an example, the battery has high safety and long life, but the low temperature performance is slightly worse than that of other technical systems. The low temperature affects both the positive and negative electrodes of lithium iron phosphate, the electrolyte and the binder.


Low-temperature battery refers to lithium-ion battery with working temperature below -40℃. It is mainly used in military aerospace, vehicle equipment, scientific research, power communication, public safety, medical electronics, railway, ship, robot and other fields.

Low temperature is an obstacle to the promotion of electric vehicles in the north and cold regions of China. It is also a heart disease of power battery companies. It is one of the key efforts in the industry to overcome the low temperature resistance of lithium iron phosphate battery.

Low-temperature lithium iron phosphate batteries are classified according to the use environment as follows
A. -20℃ civilian low-temperature lithium iron phosphate battery: -20℃ battery 0.2C discharge accounted for more than 90% of the rated capacity; -30℃ battery 0.2C discharge accounted for more than 85% of the rated capacity
B. -40℃ special low temperature lithium iron phosphate battery -40 ° C battery 0.2C discharge accounted for more than 80% of the rated capacity;
C. -50 ° C extreme environment low temperature lithium iron phosphate battery -50 ° C battery 0.2C discharge accounted for more than 50% of the rated capacity.

Study on performance of low temperature lithium iron phosphate battery at -40℃
To solve the low temperature problem of -40 ° C low temperature lithium iron phosphate battery, usually from the battery material, battery design and PACK manufacturing, improve the low temperature charge and discharge performance and cycle life of lithium.

In the ultra-low temperature harsh environment of -45℃, the rated capacity of lithium iron phosphate battery is more than 90%. The latest products of Shandong Weineng Environmental Protection Power Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shandong Weineng) have attracted many industries in CIBF2018. The extensive attention of the people once again showed the world the "power".

Weineng has been deeply cultivating in the field of military battery for many years, especially in the field of ultra-low temperature battery technology. It has continuously made breakthroughs and has become a strong competitor in the domestic military battery field. The ultra-low temperature lithium iron phosphate battery developed by the company is a high-temperature lithium iron phosphate battery. Can be a great weapon in the military industry.
The military ultra-low temperature lithium iron phosphate developed by Weineng has passed the extreme cold test. Currently, the product is supplied in batches in the aerospace field. It is unique in the field of high-quality power batteries and has become another major market competition weapon in the field of military industry. Fist products.

Engineers at the University of California, San Diego have developed a low-temperature lithium iron phosphate lithium-ion battery that can maintain its performance at ambient temperatures at temperatures as low as 60℃. At present, the types of low-temperature batteries that can be put on the market mainly include low-temperature lithium iron phosphate batteries and polymer low-temperature lithium batteries. These two types of low-temperature battery technologies are relatively mature.

Low temperature lithium iron phosphate battery features
● Adopting superposition technology, low internal resistance;
● Excellent low temperature performance: discharge at 0.5C at -40℃, the discharge capacity exceeds 60% of the initial capacity; discharge at 0.3C at -35℃, the discharge capacity exceeds 70% of the initial capacity;
● Wide operating temperature range, -40 ° C to 55 ° C;
● Can be charged at -20 ° C;
● Using lithium iron phosphate chemical substance, high safety and long cycle life;
● The size is flexible, and the size and shape of the battery can be designed separately according to customer requirements.
● Discharge at a different C rate at room temperature 25℃. From 1c to 3c, we can provide almost 100% discharge capacity; even in 10c discharge batteries, we can still provide 85% discharge capacity, maintaining high discharge efficiency.



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