How to Judge the Type of Lithium Battery for Electric Bicycle?

There are many types of lithium-ion batteries for electric bicycles. When choosing and purchasing lithium-ion batteries, special attention should be paid to them. They must be purchased according to their own needs. So how can we judge the difference between them from the model? Let's follow author and have a look.

lithium battery for electric bicycle

Common Classification of Batteries:
Generally speaking, lithium batteries for electric bicycles are divided into four categories: 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V and 64V. Of these, 36V and 48V are the most common, accounting for more than 95% of all users of electric bicycles. So let's talk about 36V and 48V first.

1. 36V batteries are commonly used as 36V-10AH and 36V-12AH. There are also 36V-14AH, 36V-17AH and 36V-20AH in some batteries.

2. 48V batteries are commonly used as 48V-10AH, 48V-12AH, 48V-14AH, 48V-17AH and 48V-20AH, while 48V-15AH, 48V-16AH, 48V-18AH, 48V-22AH and 48V-24AH are rarely used.

How to Judge Model?
How do you know what type of lithium battery your electric bicycle is? Generally speaking, there are two ways:

1. The first method is the lazy method, which is to look at the output current of the battery charger. According to the following parameters, we can know what type of battery it is. The prompt is to look at the output voltage ** VDC ** A on the charger.

The output voltage of 36V is 36V-42VDC**A.
If it's 1.5A, it's 10AH.
If it's 1.6A, it's 122AH.
The output voltage of 48V is 48V-59VDC**A.
If it's 1.7A, it's 48V10AH.
If it's 1.8A, it's 48V12AH.
If it's 2.0 A, it's 48V14AH.
If it's 2.3A, it's 48V17AH.
If it's 2.5A, it's 48V20AH.

electric bike battery


The disadvantage is mainly due to the poor charger, which does not indicate these parameters at all, so we have to use the second method to see, this method is the simplest, most direct and most practical.
2. Open the battery box and count a few batteries. If it's three, it's generally 36V. The users of Electric Vehicle notice that your three batteries are not necessarily 36V, maybe 48V. To see if the lithium battery on the electric bicycle is 12V or 16V, if it's 12V, the three batteries are 36V, and if it's 16V, the three batteries are 48V.
Ibid., if it is 4 pieces, then it is generally 48V, of course, it should also be distinguished, only 12V or 16V, if only 12V, then 48V; if it is 16V, then 64V; if it is 5 pieces, then the voltage of 60V is determined. Then determine the capacity, if the battery is written on 6-DZM-10, then it is 10AH; if it is 6-DZM-12, then it is 12AH, and so on.
The above two methods of judging the lithium battery model of electric bicycle, I hope you can master them by learning. The correct model can not only make the whole equipment more efficient, but also ensure its safety. Therefore, we must pay attention to the judgment of the model when choosing.



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